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by Ace

The thing that the leftwing corporate propaganda press keeps telling me isn’t happening somehow keeps on happening.
Let me digest this thread for AllahPundit: The National Science Teachers Association is discussing Toni Morrison’s Beloved. (That’s how AllahPundit categorizes all of these CRT/groomer stories: Just about whether the Christian Zealots are going to beat up gay children trying to read Toni Morrison’s Beloved to each other.)


From last week: This extremely gay groomer has advice for teachers (and I think he’s a teacher himself): if a “trans” student isn’t “presenting” as trans enough — that is, he isn’t showily, outrageously trans — then that must mean his parents just aren’t “supportive” of his trans-ness, and that means the teacher must be more supportive, more “affirming, of his trans-ness, encouraging him to be more transgresssive, deviant, and weird.

That’s totally not grooming, and anyone who objects to a stranger appointing zirself the arbiter of how someone else’s son or daughter should “present” himself sexually is just a damned bigot and transphobe and gayphobe.
Boy, the people who were on the absolute bottom rung of the college career track sure are assigning themselves ever greater power and responsibility over the lives of other people’s children, aren’t they? You’d never guess that these were the people who just barely got into college in the first place and coasted through easy-peasy Education credits with solid B-‘s.
You’d think that they were all medical doctors who then got Ph.D.’s in child psychology.
But no — just the Education degree from lesser colleges.

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