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This is what I imagine will happen, too. (Though I’m not sure of it.)

I mentioned in a post below that the NeverTrumpers — who are actually the most liberal of all Republicans, but pose as the most conservative for branding purposes, and because this party has this utterly retarded I’m-more-conservative-than-you dick-measuring syndrome where no liberal Republicans can ever just admit they’re liberal Republicans — are trying to hand this election to the Democrats, because they want their precious control over the party back and they will sabotage it and empower the left until we embrace liberal Republicanism again.

So that is the less-polite version of what this article says.

RINO voters have long preferred candidates such as Bob Dole, the two George Bushes, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. So long as folks like these led the party, RINOs were happy to keep the “R” in their names even as they increasingly battled the GOP’s more conservative elements. But Trump changed all that.Trump’s message was that America was a sinking ship, one that needed a radical change of course, and fast. Add his volatile and voluble personality to the mix and you can see why RINOs did not want to take a cruise on the SS GOP with Trump as its captain. But Trump won despite their defection.

Tuesday, however, is going to be the RINOs revenge. Romney-loving RINOs are coming out of their preserves with fire in their hearts and a gleam in their eyes. They are decked out in hunting gear of their own, and their prey is the Trump-backing, change-seeking GOP. They might not be able to win primaries anymore, but in league with their new friends, the Democrats, they are eager to take down some big game of their own. And they will.

The new Democrat RINO alliance is going to retake the House, sweep the GOP out of governor’s mansions in most purple states, and end the careers of hundreds of suburban state legislators. In the Senate, it will most likely hold Republicans to a one- or two-seat gain despite an incredibly favorable map — and may even win the Democrats a seat. Come Wednesday, the RINOs will mount their trophies on their walls and resolve to continue the hunt until the big game is caught: the orange-plumed woodpecker from Queens.

Several points:

Remember when the liberal RINOs controlling the party would brow-beat you into supporting whatever RINO they had chosen as an acceptable, liberal-leaning candidate for the party? Remember when they’d tell you you had to vote for Romney, McCain, etc.?

Well, witness their own behavior when they think they’re not being deferred to enough.

Also, keep this in mind: this contingent of liberal Republicans — RINOs — have long claimed that they oppose Trump because he’s not conservative enough to satisfy their super-duper TruConservative requirements.

When Trump delivers one conservative agenda victory after another, instead of saying “Yay, as a super-duper TruCon, that’s just what I wanted!!!” they snipe about tone and manners and tweets.

It’s always been a con. As I mentioned, they are liberal, urban, socially-progressive, pro-gay-marriage, pretty much pro-choice (granted, so am I on that, but I wouldn’t claim that I should get to overrule 85% of the party due to my individual wishes), open borders RINOs who control a party whose largest block of voters is genuine conservatives, so they have been lying and lying and lying for years about their true political preferences.

This is why they’re always selling us out with Failure Theater or, as Mark Levin calls it, “Play-Fight and Then Surrender.” They have to pretend they’re fighting for the conservative agenda items they’re in fact adamantly, viscerally opposed to, and then cutting deals with Democrats to make sure the liberal position prevails but in a way that appears they did their Utmost to Resist.

Well, now these liars and cross-dressers have very little mask left on their faces. They are liberals. They never opposed Trump because they feared he’d be too liberal; they opposed Trump because he was not beholden to the liberal corporate donor structure and therefore might turn out to be too conservative.

Which is exactly what happened.

If these people were really Super Conservative as they claim, they’d be supporting Trump as being an upside surprise.

Instead, they still pretend they’re Super-Duper-Conservative and just are now fixated on his unconservative tweeting habits.

But no one buys this. They party has been taken — temporarily — from the clutches of the urban, socially-liberal, corporatist RINO class that has held it in an iron grip for decades, and they are going to try to throw their second election running in order to hold the party hostage until we agree to put the party back in the hands of liberals.

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