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I saw the liberal NeverTrumpers virtue signalling that they think this cancellation was wrong, wrong, wrong, and they want to be on record as saying It’s Just Not Fair!

You know what none of these people objected to?

The fact that on Monday, Twitch, Reddit, and YouTube conspired in a coordinated way to purge and deplatform pro-Trump accounts.

They always object to the right cancelling the left — but quietly applaud when the left cancels the right.

Video streaming platform Twitch temporarily suspended President Donald Trump’s channel and social media site Reddit banned a longtime forum used by his supporters in separate actions Monday aimed at curtailing hateful content that come as the tech industry grapples with its handling of the president.

Here was how Wired headlined the unprecedented mass deplatforming:

Social Media Drops the Hammer on Team Trump

It’s now so out in the open that even the tech monopolists’ leftwing allies don’t feel the need to even put out the fig-leaf of cover for them anymore. They just admit — almost brag — about what their tech monopolist pals are doing.

In fact, the only people still lying to pretend what the tech monopolies are doing is not coordinated political interference is the alleged “conservative” media.

The leftwing media is more honest about this than the corrupt “conservative” media.

YouTube also announced purge of pro-Trump accounts on Monday.

Quick, I need the Corporate Shills at National Review to explain to me how monopolists acting in a coordinated fashion to promote one business (politics is a business) over another is somehow not a violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and even if it is, who cares, let’s just pretend that law doesn’t exist because we believe in Laws Not Men.

Also this week: Someone posted on Facebook a video of liberals announcing that they’d be voting for Trump. FaceBook immediately deleted it.

Oh, and the dean of a nursing school just got fired for daring to say, “Everybody’s life matters!”

Any protest from the Virtue Signaler Brigade?



Taking a “Wait and See Attitude” on this one, huh, instead of popping off on Twitter?

How expected.

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