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by Jeff Dunetz

It seems 2020 is simply not done screwing us all over just yet. silencing vote disputes

“Get Smart’s” cone of silence seems to have overtaken the vote counting. Twitter is censoring President Trump’s tweets about vote counting, and many of the states that are still counting are not being transparent about the count. Heck, in Pennsylvania, they are demanding that GOP poll watchers stay at least twenty-five feet away from the counting where they can’t see what’s being done, and the DA of Philadelphia is threatening to jail pro-Trump protesters.

Twitter seems to be leading the block transparency charge. At the Twitter page for President Donald Trump over the last two days since the 2020 presidential election, you’ll see something that you never, ever thought you’d see in a million years here in the home of the brave and the land of the free: the President of the United States being censored by one of the world’s biggest social media platforms while votes for the election are still being counted.

Of course, many individuals on the left are thrilled with Twitter for doing anything they can to silence President Trump’s voice and others along with him. How far we’ve fallen from our First Amendment principles. After the polls closed on Tuesday, all of the President’s tweets related to the election were, in some form, censored. Here are some examples:


It really does feel like the leftist mainstream media is partnering with social media platforms to silence Trump and conservative voices everywhere to help pull off what might be the greatest voter fraud scheme in the history of American politics.

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