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And I’m always up by 6:00 am sharp.

Drunk demented old bat Nancy Pelosi held a bizarre press conference today, where she declared that her ripping of the speech was very “dignified.”

“I tore up a manifesto of mistruths,” Pelosi said. If you’ve been listening to Pelosi for long enough you can probably hear when she’s uncorking new talking points. “Manifesto of mistruths” definitely sounds like something she or her staff worked out in advance….

Pelosi then suggested CNN’s Manu Raju was out of line for even asking the question: “It’s appalling the things that he says and then you say to me ‘Tearing up his falsehoods, isn’t that the wrong message?’ No it isn’t.” “I have tried to be gracious with him. I’m always dignified,” Pelosi added.

The Democrats are increasingly brazen about giving their marching orders to the media in open communications.

Not through private emails, the way they used to issue their instructions to the media.

But in open comms, right on TV.

The media never complains about this, never whines about bullying.

They merely take their orders from their senior officers and execute them.

Sexton also notes that Nancy Pelosi offers the Conspiracy Theory, offered Without Evidence, that Trump seemed “sedated” during the speech. Like he was drugged.

Sexton wonders if that’s also “dignified.” He also notes that the media freaked out when some commentators posted video of Nancy Pelosi noting she was slurring her words and appeared drunk — but he doesn’t expect the media to freak out over Pelosi’s Without Evidence claim that Trump was “sedated.”

Deb Heine was also unimpressed by Nancy Pelosi’s performance:

Pelosi spent most of the presser bitterly lambasting the president for “lying” about the booming economy, which she claimed was entirely the result of former president Barack Obama’s economic policies.

“It was appalling to hear him try to take credit for something that–and call what President Obama did a mess that he inherited when, in fact, it was a great advantage to the country that President Obama’s policies took us to that very positive place of growth and of job creation and deficit reduction,” the Speaker said with a straight face. “He still hasn’t matched President Obama’s growth in the stock market,” she added.

As if to demonstrate how desperate Democrats have become, she went on to misrepresent Trump’s Charlottesville “good people on both sides” remarks in an effort to smear the president. As everyone who has bothered to watch the tape knows, the president “totally” condemned the white supremacists at the rally, but pointed out that there were bystanders present on each side who had legitimate opinions about Confederate statues.

Yes, the “Charlottesville” reference seems to be coordinated with partisan “journalists:”

Jim Acosta
@AcostaIt’s not quite true that Trump has never behaved this way during public remarks. This is how he sounded at Trump Tower after Charlottesville.

Isn’t it terribly strange that Jim Acosta is spouting out the exact same talking points as Nancy Pelosi?

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