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JeffG @ Protein Wisdom:

Okay. Here’ goes.  And I expect it will be controversial. But then, so what?  I’ve already been booted from polite GOP company for denying the basic decency of Obama and academic progressivism early on. What are they going to do next, strenuously not link me?

Writes Ms Parker, in one of her typically strained columns:

Republicans were certain that Obama was all style over substance, but their criticisms quickly were interpreted in some quarters as racial animus. Certainly some who call themselves Republicans also can be called racist. Anyone who spends time on the Internet is aware of the racist content of some political dialogue. It’s out there, and it’s ugly.

Thus Republicans have had to tread carefully to always frame their criticisms in racially sensitive ways. Dog whistles are heard everywhere. Much of this exaggerated sensitivity is just that, but Republicans aren’t helped by the optics of their composition.

Where are the blacks?

“In some quarters.”  “Some who call themselves Republicans.”  “Some political dialogue.”  Wow, Ms Parker, that’s some powerful indictment of the secreted racism hidden deep in the heart of the GOP!

– Although some might say there’s a reason you avoid specifics, just as some who call themselves Republicans would probably like to ask you where your concern is over the Democrat reaction to Mia Love or Condi Rice, which is right there on the internet for all to see.  Some might argue that if you’re sniffing out racial animus like a pig snouting for truffles, you might do well looking closer to home, and not worry about the supposed problems Republicans and conservatives have with blacks, which you’ll go on to say — in a deliberately slippery and largely incoherent manner — isn’t real or fair, but is nevertheless, and simultaneously, a fact.  Schrodinger’s racism!


The impression that Republicans don’t welcome blacks and other minorities is, however, demonstrably false. Note the number of minority Republican governors recently elected: Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Susana Martinez of New Mexico. Even so, the party is undeniably and overwhelmingly white, and minorities (and increasingly women) don’t feel at home there.

It is not helpful that two convention attendees threw peanuts at an African American camerawoman for CNN and said, “This is how we feed animals.” Disgusting. They were promptly shown the door, but the damage was done. A few bad apples can and do spoil bushels of good intentions.

–Well, unless it’s Democrats faking hate crimes.  Then it’s not so much “disgusting” as it is emblematic of a deeper, very real problem — the root of which caused this acting out, this manifestation of a refusal to remain powerless in a society so hostile to [insert victimized identity group here].  It’s truthiness, in other words, and needs further explication and analysis.  Whereas it is inconceivable to believe that Republicans throwing peanuts at a CNN employee — stupid and wrong though it was — may have been reacting more to what they consider a biased “news” source than to the race of a camera woman. Or else, why not wait and pelt Mia Love or Condi Rice with peanuts

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