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Ahh, the party of tolerance and civility strikes again! This time, liberal antagonists at the University of Michigan had to decide which was more important to them: their blind defense of all things Muslim or their hatred of conservatives.

It appears from a story at the College Fix that the latter instinct won out. Omar Mahmood, a Muslim student who espouses conservative and libertarian beliefs, returned to his apartment to find the words d*ck” and “scum” scrawled on his door, along withe invitation to “shut the f*ck up.” Some of the vandalism was visual and included included an image of the devil.

Some of the warnings were posted on paper that included a print out of Mahmood’s satirical essay he wrote recently for the conservative campus publication the Michigan Review that poked fun of liberals’ victimhood mentality. That column, titled “Do the Left Thing,” caused an uproar among some on campus and triggered his termination as a columnist from the mainstream Michigan Daily student newspaper.

The vandalism was discovered Friday morning by Mahmood’s roommates. They live in an apartment complex that mostly houses students just outside the campus property.

In an interview with The College Fix, Mahmood described the scene he encountered:

There was a cracked egg thrown at the door, hot dogs thrown at the door. The messages were clearly threatening. These people don’t know me personally, so I don’t know why they would do this with such vengeance. This seems like a very personal attack.

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