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By Paul Bedard

Murder and other crimes have surged in major cities following the efforts to defend and rein in police activity following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year, according to a law enforcement report.
In Minneapolis, police activity following Floyd’s death while in custody dropped 42%, and possibly as a result, murders surged 64%, said the report from the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund shared with Secrets.
The report said that in 10 major cities where cops were sharply criticized, police activity dropped 48% since June 2020 and murders rose 56%.
Nationally, murders jumped 25% to the highest point since 1995. A year before, former President Bill Clinton and then-Sen. Joe Biden pushed through a crime bill that granted millions to police and established the “three strikes” provision that helped to fill the nation’s jails and increase the length of sentences.
The report suggested that the new crime spike was the result of liberal communities handcuffing police, cutting funds, and publicly mocking law enforcement.

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