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Ben Shapiro @ Breitbart:

In the wake of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) accusation that his offices had been illegally recorded in a tape handed out by Mother Jones, the liberal publication has now released a doctored transcript of the tape itself in an effort to suggest that McConnell’s staff was engaged in violation of Senate rules. In its article “Did McConnell Use Senate Employees For Oppo Research on Ashley Judd?,” the publication prints the following transcript of the taped staff conversation:

Presenter: So I’ll just preface my comments that this reflects the work of a lot of folks: Josh, Jesse, Phil Maxson, a lot of LAs, thank them three times, so this is a compilation of work, all the way through. The first person we’ll focus on, Ashley Judd—basically I refer to her as sort of the oppo research situation where there’s a haystack of needles, just because truly, there’s such a wealth of material. [Laughter.]

Mother Jones extrapolates: “’Las’ is congressional parlance for legislative assistants; one of the legislative assistants, Phil Maxson, gets his own shout-out. The question is whether Maxson and the other McConnell LAs were digging up material on Judd while on government time. If they were engaged in this research while on annual leave or vacation—or working outside Senate hours—they wouldn’t be violating Senate rules. But if this was done on Senate time, McConnell could have a problem.”

But what does the tape actually say?

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