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Steven Ertelt @ Life News:

As the nation awaits the results of the Kermit Gosnell murder trial, a columnist who helped get some national coverage of the trial of the abortion practitioner is highlighting one woman’s tragic story.

In a new column at USA Today, writer Kirsten Powers focuses on the story of Desiree Hawkins.

When Hawkins (right) was 16, she sought an abortion at a clinic in Maryland, that referred her to Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion facility because she was too far along in pregnancy. Scared and confused, Hawkins eventually got an abortion at Gosnell’s “house of Horrors” clinic and her baby became one of many whose feet Gosnell kept as a sick and twisted collectors item.

Now, as Powers relates in her piece, Hawkins regrets the abortion and was prepared to testify against Gosnell — but that plan didn’t work out either.

“If I talk, maybe people will make sure it won’t happen again.”

That’s what 20-year-old Desiree Hawkins told me last week as she recounted the horror of visiting abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell in December 2009. The jury in Gosnell’s trial for the alleged murders of multiple babies and one woman heard closing arguments Monday afternoon, but they won’t hear from Hawkins.

Hawkins was forced to relive the nightmare of Gosnell’s house of horrors when she was contacted by a Drug Enforcement Administration agent this year. The agent told her that one of the severed feet found in jars at the clinic belonged to her aborted baby. She was set to testify as a rebuttal witness against Gosnell until he chose to not take the stand.

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