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LOL. It’s kinda funny at this point.

More than 200 people on Monday night marched to the Pearl District condominium tower where Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler lives to demand his resignation.

The demonstration quickly turned destructive as some in the crowd lit a fire in the street, then placed a picnic table from a nearby business on top of the fire to feed the blaze. People shattered windows and broke into a ground-floor dental office took items including a chair, also added to the fire, and office supplies.

Shortly after 11 p.m., a bundle of newspapers was set ablaze and thrown into a ground-floor storefront in the residential building.

Around the same time, police arrived and warned over a loudspeaker that the gathering had been declared an unlawful assembly, then a riot….

They ultimately arrested nearly 20 people. Police later said arson investigators were looking for the person who started the fire.

Tater rushed out to insist that anyone telling you about the arson and riot were lying.

He pretends we’re claiming things we’re not — he’s claiming we’re saying that literally the whole city is on fire — and then says, ha-ha, the entire city is not on fire, you scoundrels!

More of the riot and arson that did not happen, You Liars:

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