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Where are the authorities who are supposed to protect the children? I know parents whose children have been removed for NOTHING. Are the children still in this home?


What excuse is there for not assuring the public that the children are safe? Has anyone checked the DNA of all of them to see if they are related? What if they’re not? What if there is trafficking going on? Who is checking? Why are the authorities silent on this?
I have never seen a case like this where the child is assaulted by someone in the home (by his own confession according to police) and CPS doesn’t remove the children until investigations happen. Have they? Franklin County won’t respond to inquiries.
This is why the secrecy around child abuse cases is so bad. The public has a right to know if its public agencies are useful and efficient and worth something. If you’re the child protective agency, prove it. Protect some kids and tell the public you did it.
Here’s a man who lost everything with NO EVIDENCE of any crime and his children were taken from him and his life nuked because of a false allegation. If they can take this man’s children just suspecting abuse, surely they can intervene in this case 

Removed for 11 months on nothing but a false claim by a vindictive person.

Franklin County DCS needs to assure the public immediately that they are following Ohio’s child abuse protocols in regards to these children. A public statement is now necessary to assure the people that their tax dollars are not wasted on incompetence. Transparency is KEY.


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