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Sigh. More misinformation from the CDC to combat.

Ok fine, here we go.

There are many things here, but the easiest way to determine that this is complete garbage is check where the CDC decided to end their “study”.

Well that’s sure convenient, huh?

Somehow, the mask mandates also worked for one specific age group! That’s right! Over 65? No statistically significant difference. Under 40? Also no difference

But at least 40-64, must have been a big success, right?

Nope, 5.5% decrease in growth rate. That’s their claim. 5.5%

Let’s keep going. How about the limitations?

Well, no biggie, it didn’t capture anyone under 18, didn’t control for some policies that might also effect growth rates, only captured COVID-NET states, and most importantly didn’t look at local mandates, only state ones!

But that’s ok, they know the media won’t actually read this study, look at the limitations, examine the hypocrisy and misinformation, or point out the absurd flaws in the dates they chose. They’ll just repeat this nonsense ad nauseam to justify their agendas

Yay, great work CDC!

The CA counties used in the study, supposedly proof of statewide mask mandates working, are Alameda, Contra Costa & SF

Their mandates were all in effect by 4/22. State wasn’t until 6/18

So when did they start counting data from these counties? Who knows! Every site has different starting periods.

But it makes absolutely no sense to use only three sites from a state that all had mandates months earlier, and pretend like the STATEWIDE mandate made any difference


Obviously, they also, of course, got to ignore the fall surge, which, you know, seems relevant.

Also, the hospitalization growth rate was going down more significantly over 4 weeks BEFORE mask mandates than it did up to 3 weeks afterwards.

What is this…I mean, really, what in the world is this?


The CDC is also contradicting itself when considering the Arizona & Kansas studies. AZ never had a statewide mask mandate, but that didn’t stop the CDC from crediting masks. KS only had certain counties too.

But here, county mandates are ignored in favor of statewide mandates

It’s misleading trash, and it’s embarrassing that it was published. It’s going to be broadcast all over the media because it fits their agenda, and it’s just total nonsense.

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