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The Washington Post had to adjust a headline it published Friday that apparently stated incorrectly that an electricity grid was “penetrated” by Russian hackers.

The original headline said, “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont, officials say.”

Burlington Electric Department, the utility company in question, said in a statement, after the Post article was published, that its system had detected malware, believed by government officials to have originated in Russia. Burlington Electric said, however, that the malware was quarantined on a single laptop that was not connected to the grid.

“We detected the malware in a single Burlington Electric Department laptop not connected to our organization’s grid systems,” the statement said. “We took immediate action to isolate the laptop and alerted federal officials of this finding.”

The Post amended its headline later to say, “Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security, officials say.”

The Post’s report said that the malware was detected by U.S. officials monitoring the electricity grid.

Disruptions in the grid, a vast, interconnected system that allows energy producers to deliver power to consumers across the nation, have the potential to create chaos.

The Obama administration last week announced it was placing new sanctions on Russia for hacks of Democratic leaders that took place during the 2016 election. The sanctions include closing two Russian compounds within the U.S. and expelling more than 30 Russian diplomats.

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