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While Americans were celebrating this long Christmas weekend, another chain migrant from an Islamic country was arrested for plotting a terror attack against the very country that admitted him. It’s part of a growing wave, almost daily, of Islamic immigrants arrested on terrorism-related charges, yet there is a complete blackout in the media about the existence of this troubling pattern and about the growing problem with imported terrorism.

Meanwhile as we gear up for a new legislative year in Congress, the focus is all about more amnesty for illegal aliens rather than protecting Americans from the autopilot chain migration from the Middle East. The only one who cares about protecting our sovereignty is President Trump, but the runaway courts and their status as supreme arbiter of national security are rendering his actions moot.

On Friday, Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, an immigrant from Egypt who later became a naturalized citizen, targeted Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, police in a series of shootings in three separate locationson Friday, one of which injured a local officer.

Acting DHS press secretary Tyler Houlton confirmed that El-Mofty was a beneficiary of chain migration. “The long chain of migration that led to the suspect’s admission to the United States was initiated years ago by a distant relative of the suspect. One of the most recent links in that chain was an extended family member admitted into the United States from Egypt on an F24 visa,” said Houlton in a statement from DHS.

As PJ Media’s national security correspondent, Patrick Poole, observes, “The terror attack happened on the same day that Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz was being sentenced in federal court in Harrisburg for material support for ISIS. Aziz received a 12-year prison sentence.” Aziz also threatened to behead President Obama in 2015. Thus, we now have an American capital city beleaguered by Islamic terrorists imported from the Middle East. Thanks to chain migration from the Middle East, the cancer has spread to all corners of this country.

But this is not all. Houlton also confirmed on the same day that a Pakistan-born woman, Zoobia Shahnaz, who was charged earlier this month with laundering Bitcoin in a scheme to raise money for ISIS, was also a beneficiary of chain migration. How was she admitted? On an F43 visa, an adult child of an F41 visa holder who was initially brought in by another relative. This is a similar visa to the one used by Akayed Ullah, the recent New York bomber from Bangladesh.

Almost every day since the New York bombing, I’ve seen stories of Islamic migrants or children of Islamic migrants in cities and towns across this great nation arrested on terrorism charges, yet it is buried by mainstream media publications. It’s no longer newsworthy that America is becoming like Europe, with ubiquitous Islamic terrorism activities imported to our shores through immigration. Much as in France, our prisons are filling up with Islamic terrorists arrested here at home. The New York Times reported last week that Ahamed Khan Rahimi, the convicted Chelsea bomber from last year who injured 30 people in a terror attack, is already radicalizing fellow inmates in a Manhattan prison.

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