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by Kari Donovan

“One in three Americans, and a majority of Republicans, now view China as an enemy of the United States,” according to a new survey from Pew Research Center.

The status of the Chinese Communist Party’s needs and demands under President Donald J Trump took a severe blow. However, it is now a focus of reconciliation for the Democrat administration of Joe Biden, who has personal financial ties to Chinese businesses.

Americans see a mess of politics and are growing more concerned about the engagements between the two countries.


By the numbers: Just 9% of Americans consider China a “partner,” while 55% see Beijing as a “competitor” and 34% as an “enemy.”

  • Americans over 65 (49%) are much more likely to view China as an enemy than 18 to 29-year-olds (20%).
  • White respondents (42%) were also much more likely to see China as an enemy than Black (12%) or Hispanic (21%) respondents.
  • The biggest gap came between Republicans (53%) and Democrats (20%).

By the numbers: Republicans (72%) are also far more likely than Democrats (37%) to prioritize getting “tougher” with China over strengthening economic relations, according to the survey.

  • But Republicans (72%) and Democrats (69%) are aligned in believing the U.S. should promote human rights in China even if it harms economic ties.
  • The trend: The percentage of Americans viewing China negatively climbed from 46% in 2018 to 67% in 2021.


There is a shift in politics for some previous President Donald Trump supporters who now support Biden, and it is noteworthy who these people are and why they have changed their beliefs.

Last week, I spoke with a one-time Trump supporter. A Chinese woman who works in DC with various media outlets now supports Biden, which was surprising to me because Biden is obviously soft on the Chinese Communist Party.

It was explained to me by another Chinese woman that it all has to do with authority.  The Chinese, she told me, are used to worshiping authority over policy or independence.

I see the bleed over into American politics.

Watch how some people are framing recent comments by Biden about the Communist Party as “sane”,  in a recent oped from another media outlet called EIR, which is an outlet of the LaRouche Pac.


The LaRouche Pac was supportive of Trump’s first administration, and now they are running op-eds that are supportive of Biden; if this is confusing to you, read on and understand the mindset:

“Potential Moves To Restore Sanity in U.S.-China Relations”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave the keynote speech Monday at the Lanting Forum, focussed entirely on U.S.-China relations. Wang addressed the urgency for reactivation of dialogue between the world’s two largest economies after the disastrous breakdown in relations under President Trump’s anti-China cabinet members Pompeo, Wray, Navarro, and others.

The Global Times coverage of the event took note that President Joe Biden did not “agree with allies at the G7 summit and Munich Security Conference on confronting China together.”

This must be surprising to most Americans since the Western press only reported that Biden had reiterated the common complaints about China and Russia and called for the allies to confront them.

However, what went unreported from Biden’s speech in the Western press was the following:

“It is not about pitting East against West. It’s not about ‘we want a conflict.’ We want a future where all nations are able to freely determine their own path without a threat of violence or coercion. We cannot and must not return to the reflexive opposition and rigid blocs of the Cold War.”

Will Biden be able to implement such a retreat from the British imperial “divide and conquer” policies driven by British intelligence and their assets in the U.S. intelligence community, the media, and the Congress? A much stronger President, Donald Trump, who was elected on his promise to be friends with Russia and China and end the “endless wars,” was thoroughly stymied in that effort by Wall Street’s overwhelming power and the military-industrial complex. Indeed, we stand at the brink of global nuclear war due to this McCarthyite madness.

But the fact that Biden made such a sane statement about superpower relations must be taken seriously, as China’s leadership has done. At the same time, we organize the required support among the population to bring that result about. The Global Times also noted that the Biden Administration has taken several steps to reverse the Pompeo attacks on China and China’s sovereign interests, which change has also been ignored by the established media, as we expand in this Alert.

On Saturday, Feb. 27, the Schiller Institute will sponsor its second roundtable forum on the danger of the anti-China and anti-Russia hysteria leading to war and the equally deadly impact of the Green New Deal. Register and mobilize your friends and neighbors to attend “Winter Storm Smashes Green New Deal Utopia—Great Power Cooperation Instead of War.”


Is this about the worship of authority?  Or financial ties?

Most likely, it is about financial ties for those at the top and about the love of authority at the bottom.

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