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by Micaiah Bilger

A Louisiana unborn baby’s tragic fatal diagnosis has abortion activists demanding that the state legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions again.
On Friday, the baby’s mother, Nancy Davis, of Baton Rouge, and her lawyer held a press conference where they criticized Louisiana as “inhumane” because it protects unborn babies’ lives, NBC News reports.
“Basically they said I had to carry my baby to bury my baby,” Davis said. “This is not fair to me and it should not happen to any other woman. This has truly been an emotional roller coaster.”
Davis said her unborn baby was diagnosed with a fatal condition called acrania, in which the skull does not develop, when she was 10 weeks pregnant. Her doctors recommended that she have an abortion, but Louisiana now bans the killing of unborn babies in abortions. Exceptions are allowed if the mother’s life is at risk, but Davis’s is not.
Instead of cherishing the short time that she has with her unborn baby before he or she dies, Davis wants to have an abortion. Now 16 weeks pregnant, she plans to travel to another state next week to have the abortion, according to the report.
Her attorney Benjamin Crump called Louisiana lawmakers “inhumane” for banning abortions for women like Davis, NBC reports.
“Thanks to the actions of the Louisiana legislator, Ms. Davis was left without medical care to do what doctors said needed to be done, end the pregnancRead morey,” Crump said. “By imposing themselves between Ms. Davis and her doctors, Louisiana lawmakers inflicted unspeakable pain, emotional damage, and physical risk upon this beautiful mother. They replaced care with confusion. Privacy with politics. Options with ideology.”
But state lawmakers, including pro-life Democrats and Republicans, recognize that every human life deserves to be protected under the law, including babies in the womb and children with disabilities and their laws reflect that.
Sometimes, prenatal diagnoses are wrong. In January, the New York Times published a major investigation that found some of the most common prenatal screening tests often are wrong and parents sometimes abort healthy unborn babies due to incorrect test results.
Others choose life even when doctors tell them not to. Tom and Jessica Masterson were glad they chose life for their son, Owen, after doctors said he did not have a skull or facial bones and would not survive birth. Owen defied doctors and survived.
But even when unborn babies do have disabilities or fatal conditions, their lives are just as valuable as any born child. The Buell family began sharing that message with people across the country after their son Jaxon was born with anencephaly in 2015.
“There’s a miracle behind Jaxon’s story. We want to let other families know that even when there’s a dark situation, every life should be celebrated, valued and cherished,” his father, Brandon Buell, said after Jaxon died in 2020.
Their story and many others push back against the popular notion that it is acceptable – compassionate, even — to violently destroy the life of an unborn baby with disabilities in an abortion, even late into the pregnancy. Society says it is ok to discriminate against a human being with disabilities, as long as they still are in the womb.
The Davis family’s situation is a tragedy, and the family deserves sympathy and support. No parent wants to find out that their child is sick or dying. But killing the child before birth is not the solution.

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