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by The Farm

Life Edit Therapeutics purportedly creates “novel editing systems” that “have the potential to precisely modify gene targets for both in vivo and ex vivo therapeutic development.”
The greatest (and first) mRNA scam in history continues its ceaseless march.
The way this scam works is simple.

  1. Moderna develops a product it cannot bring to market.
  2. Moderna uses various forms of fraud (in clinical trails and elsewhere) to get a product that is not viable to market under Emergency Use Authorization.
  3. Federal governments around the world buy this unviable product en masse.
  4. Moderna uses the revenue it gets from Federal governments (read: YOUR TAX DOLLARS) to purchase other companies and expand its operations.

Return to Step 1, repeat process.
Today, February 22nd — Moderna has announced it is collaborating with a gene editing company called “Life Edit.”
Guess what they do? Guess how Moderna got the money to buy this company?
via Moderna

Collaboration to combine Moderna’s mRNA platform with Life Edit’s proprietary gene editing technologies, including base editing capabilities.
Multi-target collaboration to advance potentially life-transformative or curative therapies for some of the most challenging genetic diseases
Life Edit to receive upfront cash payment, research, and preclinical funding, and is eligible to receive milestone payments with tiered royalties on global net product sales

“Life Edit” — it’s in the name. They are a company that seeks to ‘edit life’ — as if it needs editing. They claim they want to “treat or cure rare genetic and other diseases” through this suite of proprietary gene editing technologies.
What could possibly go wrong?

Moderna […] and Life Edit Therapeutics Inc., an ElevateBio company focused on next-generation gene editing technologies and therapeutics, today announced a strategic research and development collaboration to discover and develop in vivo mRNA gene editing therapies. The partnership will combine Life Edit’s suite of proprietary gene editing technologies, including base editingwith Moderna’s mRNA platform to advance in vivo gene editing therapies against a select set of therapeutic targets. mRNA may hold promise in the delivery of gene-editing technology, which has the potential to treat or cure rare genetic and other diseases.
“At Moderna Genomics, we are constantly working to accelerate new therapeutic targets that may one day lead to the next generation of transformative mRNA medicines for patients,” said Eric Huang, Ph.D., General Manager and Chief Scientific Officer, Moderna Genomics. “Through our collaboration with Life Edit, we hope to harness the power of gene editing technologies as part of our broader research and development engine, helping to advance our mission and deliver on the promise of mRNA.”
About the Collaboration
This collaboration will apply Life Edit’s diverse collection of novel RNA-guided nucleases (RGNs) and base editors together with Moderna’s mRNA platform with the goal to develop curative therapies for some of the most challenging genetic diseases.
Under the agreement, Life Edit and Moderna will collaborate on research and preclinical studies funded by Moderna. Upon exercising an option for a target, Moderna will assume responsibility for further development, manufacturing, and commercialization. Life Edit will receive an upfront payment and is eligible to receive potential development, regulatory, and commercial milestone payments for each target for which Moderna exercises an option, in addition to tiered royalties on global net sales of products from the collaboration.

As a reminder — Moderna is a welfare queen.
The only products it has ever produced and brought to market have been purchased by the government, which then used coercive methods to try to enforce otherwise private individuals to inject its product.

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