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by Ace

I saw someone on Twitter say: Did Mitch McConnell also congratulate Chuck Schumer on winning the Senate?

Because that’s what King RINO just did.

Do they really think people are going to turn out for weaklings and traitors and virtual Chinese agents?

I’m not a Wall Street firm doing business in China, a media company with Chinese partners, or a megacorporation with factories in China.

Why would I support the GOP? I’m not part of their coalition, which is exclusively one of corporations with traitorous Chinese ties.

Fox News host Mark Levin also joined the fray, tweeting ‘thanks for nothing, Mitch.’

‘Trump helped you secure your seat, as he did so man Senate and House seats, and you couldn’t even wait until January 6th,’ added Levin. ‘You’ve been the GOP ‘leader’ in the Senate for far too long. It’s time for some fresh thinking and new blood.’

Hear, hear.

On Tuesday, McConnell warned his fellow GOP senators not to join Trump’s continued attempts to overturn the Electoral College results.

In private discussion, McConnell reportedly warned Republican senators away from disputing the Electoral College tally when Congress convenes in a joint session January 6 to confirm the results.

That fight would yield a ‘terrible vote’ for Republicans, McConnell told the senators, according to two people granted anonymity to discuss the call, which was first reported by Politico. They would have to choose whether to back Trump or publicly buck him.

This is the RINO GOP all over: they quash fights which are necessary to have in order to protect their liberal/neoliberal/squish members from having to cast tough votes.

But that means that the party is LITERALLY ALWAYS taking a neoliberal/squish position — without ever actually voting for it or even having a debate about it.

You can’t have a debate or else the neoliberals, corporate shills, and weakling squishes would be damaged by the debate! And therefore we have to take the position of the neoliberals, corporate shills, and weakling squishes!

Fuck these cowards and traitors.

I’m tired of this fake “managed democracy,” where the elites get together to decide what topics we’ll be permitted to debate and decide, with 90% of them decided behind closed doors.

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