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He’s voting in favor of cloture — which is the opposite of Ted Cruz’s plan (to the extent there is one) — and saying he’s doing this to support the House’s bill to defund ObamaCare, even though he and most politically aware people know it’s quite the opposite of that.

Senator McConnell supports the House Republicans’ bill and will not vote to block it, since it defunds Obamacare and funds the government without increasing spending by a penny,” the McConnell aide writes in an email. “He will also vote against any amendment that attempts to add Obamacare funding back into the House Republicans’ bill. If and when the Majority Leader goes down that path, Washington Democrats will have to decide—without hiding behind a procedural vote—whether or not to split with their leadership and join Republicans and their constituents in opposing the re-insertion of Obamacare funding into the House-passed bill.”

Right. His whole deal is always “Well we’ll lose but we’ll get them on the record… on the record as Winning. Then we’ll win.”

The only excuse here is that Cruz’s plan probably won’t work (but note that word “probably;” we know giving up definitely won’t work) and that it’s hard to explain why you’re filibustering the House bill.

Eh. It’s what I expected. Apparently we’re going to just keep adding to our Winning Issues Portfolio by losing.

Meanwhile… I was just talking about this today. People become, for some reason, emotionally invested in their predictions.

Like, the thing we should have absolutely zero confidence about — predictions about future events — we suddenly get all ape-shit confident and emotional over.

Like the more Establishment caucus is 100% certain that the public will blame the GOP over a government shutdown, no matter how it happens, and you’re a wacko bird if you think differently.

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