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We have a major microagression situation at, get this, Oberlin College.

Apparently there was an intramural soccer match scheduled at the same time as a Latin Heritage Club meeting. A White Male (uh oh) sent out an email to a Hispanic girl noting that he’d like to have her at the match, if she wasn’t going to the Latin Club meeting.

He wrote the most racist sentence since Mein Kampf:

Hey, that talk looks pretty great, but on the off chance you aren’t going or would rather play futbol instead the club team wants to go!!

Anyone see the problem there?

That’s right, he said the f-word– Futbol. He racistly appropriated the Spanish language.

Here’s what the Lantina maniac wrote back to him:

1. Your (sic) not latino, call it soccer. You don’t play futbol. Futbol is played with people (LATINO) who know how to engage in community soccer, as somebody who grew up on the cancha (soccer field) I know what playing futbol is, and the way you take up space, steal the ball, don’t pass, is far from how my culture plays ball.2. I’m not playing intramural once again this semester because you and your cis-dude, non passing the ball, stealing the ball from beginners, spanish-mocking, white cohort has ruined it (for the second time). Unless I find another team you won’t be seeing me.

3. I don’t care if this email is over the top or mean. So complain to whatever white friends you want about it. You’re never going to know what its like to not be able to your own heritage sport comfortably because of your gender/race/ethnicity.

But this aspiring young lunatic wasn’t done yet — she also published a complaint on the, get this, Oberlin Microagressions blog:

Ok. 1. Thanks for you thinking that the talk [referring to the Latino club meeting, I think] is “pretty great”. I appreaciate (sic) your white male validation. I see that it isn’t interesting enough for you to actually take your ass to the talk.2. Who said it was ok for you to say futbol? It’s Latino Heritage Month, your (sic) telling people not to come to the talk, but want to use our language? Trick NO! White students appropriating the Spanish language, dropping it in when convenient, never ok. Keep my heritage language out your mouth! If I’m not allowed to speak it, if my dad’s not allowed to speak it, then bitch you definitely are not supposed to be speaking it. Especially in this context.

Brah, do you even college? Maybe you should worry less about the purity of the Spanish language and more about the correct usage of the English one.

Compare to Lukianoff’s and Haidt’s piece in the Atlantic suggesting that “microagression culture” is an insidious, harmful form of cognitive therapy — as positive cognitive therapy would desensitize a hysteric so that the hysteric could behave normally, insidious cognitive therapy supersensitizes normal people into acting like hysterics.

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