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You know the Democratic mantra: Abortion should be safe, legal, and [checks notes] as common as ordering something on the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

Comedians tell uncomfortable truths and Wolf’s encapsulation of where the left is on abortion is uncomfortable and true. If pressed for time, skip to 4:45 below and drink in the final 90 seconds. The days are gone of liberals pretending that abortion is a regrettable choice forced by circumstance on too many women who can’t afford to carry a child to term. Now it’s inspiration for a mini-parade over the right to have your gestating infant torn limb from limb by a doctor — on a comedy show, played for laughs. Conservatives like to say of pro-choicers that they treat abortion as casually as they do birth control, a charge that used to be met with some degree of indignation but which doesn’t face as much resistance anymore now that the plain truth of it is more evident. To Wolf, though, abortion’s not just a matter of convenience. It looks like borderline fun.

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