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So, according to filmmaker Michael Moore, his joke that Jesus was gay was a hilarious knee-slapper, but Glenn Beck producing “Piss Christ“-inspired art with an Obama bobblehead and a jar of urine-colored beer is outrageous?

Sounds about right. Moore’s joke was irreverent and edgy, natch. Beck dunking an Obama figure in beer to highlight liberal hypocrisy? Blasphemy! So blasphemous, in fact, that Moore can’t even bring himself to share a link!

Progressives have made it pretty clear that Obama out-ranks Jesus when it comes to the whole messiah thing.

Moore’s willfully clueless followers immediately responded to news of Beck’s “Obama in Pee Pee” art with all the disgust and outrage they could muster up. And of course, they had plenty of disgust and outrage to spare since they didn’t use it up on breathless outcry over “Piss Christ” or other liberal-approved freedom of expression.

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