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The America Last propagandists at NBC News (Katy Tur, Jo Ling Kent, Craig Melvin, Joe Scarborough, etc) are having a lot of fun gaslighting Americans into believing we enjoy paying $7.00 for a gallon of gasoline.
Let’s set aside that Trump called this, proving yet again the guy is a political Nostradamus. He said they’d find a way to drive gas prices through the roof, and then say that’s why you need an electric car instead.

And let’s set aside the gaslighting from the Biden administration, media and other crazy liberals who say Joe Biden’s promises to end drilling, and the actions he’s taken to do so, don’t actually mean American oil production is affected or those companies can’t still drill.

Set it all aside.
Set aside the lies they told us to purposefully get us in this mess.
Set aside the lies they’re telling us now to keep us angry, divided, misinformed and with no relief from any of it in sight.
Set it all aside.
This post is just about their campaign to suggest that Americans feel really good about paying so much more at the pump, because gosh darnit we’re just that mad about what’s happening to people in Ukraine.
We’re not mad about what’s happening to anyone else, anywhere in the world, including here in America as children all across our nation are groomed to become sexual props for perverted teachers, are taught to become racists, and are being forced to wear masks that don’t work to stave off a virus that won’t hurt them while being marred emotionally, socially and psychologically for the horrific sleight of hand being foist on them by irresponsible adults who know better but don’t care.
We’re not about any of that anymore.
It doesn’t even exist.
In their persistently dishonest efforts to socially engineer our nation instead of informing it, the corporate media decided the role of Omnipresent Moral Good will now be played by President Zalenskyy instead of Anthony Fauci.
It’s all we care about anymore.

Zalenskyy is the new Fauci.
Nothing else matters, and anyone else who says otherwise is a bad person.
They should be silenced on social media, removed from their jobs, and expelled from polite society in whatever corners they can still be found enjoying life.
Zalenskyy is the new Fauci. Those who support him and what we’re doing to help him no matter how it effects your own lives, are good. Those who don’t, are bad.

That’s the narrative.
Those are the rules.
And all of it is the exact same “Go along with this like good sheep” energy as they had when they acted like “2 weeks to slow the spread!” was a really patriotic thing that everyone was really excited about participating in.

They just lie.
They tell us about the America they wish existed, not the one that actually does.
I don’t believe for a second that even half of this nation supports the lousy leadership we currently have, virtually across the board, from the White House to the Joint Chiefs to corporate America and its virus-and-war-loving boards who all have voted persistently to keep kids in masks everywhere they’ve ever been given that chance. There simply isn’t a chance in hell even half of this nation trusts our current leadership to say anything honest or do anything useful.
So when they tell us that like 80% of us or whatever are excited about war with Russia, I don’t buy it.
And when they go around to gas stations and find weak-minded people to sheepishly say, “Sure, I don’t mind paying more for gas if it means things in Ukraine get better,” I’m one of those Americans who sees right through it.
Now…if it were true, that’d be one thing.
But if Americans were going to incur economic hardship in order to promote a humanitarian effort somewhere other than right here then we’d have stopped buying from China a long time ago.
The media and Democrats desperately want to switch from one crisis of China’s making that they weaponized and exploited to help themselves and hurt the rest of America, over to another crisis — this time of Russia’s making — that the media and Democrats can also weaponize and exploit to help themselves and hurt the rest of America.
I mean, I guess that’s exactly what we’re doing, but my point is that regardless of how much the media tries to convince me that the vast majority of us feel great about it, I’m not buying it.
And you shouldn’t either.
Yes they’re doing it. Yes it’s happening in the world. But no, the vast majority of Americans don’t feel good about it and unless the media and Democrats manage to really ramp this up and actually meddle in our 2022 elections the way they did in 2020, then Americans will show them just how much we don’t like it by kicking every swamp deadbeat we can out of power this November.
They’re terrified of that but a lot of us are terrified of them, and the lows they’ll go and lies they’ll tell.
And what we’re getting now is the exact same energy they were putting out early in covid days.

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