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The media claimed that a white woman called the police on a black woman who was merely standing in the doorway of an apartment building because she hates The Blacks.

But the woman waiting in the doorway wasn’t black. She was Hispanic. Her name is Obregon. This should have been a tip-off that she was Hispanic rather than black.

The woman who called the cops wasn’t white. She, too, was Hispanic. Her name is Torres. This should have been a tip-off that she was also Hispanic rather than white.

So we have a truly non-racial situation here — a person of one race calling the cops on a person of the same race.

And she called the cops because she’s autistic and found the presence of a strange woman in her doorway out-of-the-ordinary and therefore #Triggering in the real, non-stupid sense of the word.

Other than that — great job, media!

Note that while the facts are known and were even known at the time this became a viral story, most media outfits that turned this into a fake racial incident have refused to retract or correct.

And this woman says she has tried to commit suicide over the continuing social media ordeal.

What consequences should the media start to face for targeting citizens like this?

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