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By the way: It’s not just Media Matters pushing this hit.

It’s Pierre Omidyar operative/Bulwark towel-boy Jim Swift. And Head Cuck Bill Kristol. They’re pimping this story on Twitter and Conserving so much Conservatism you just can’t even believe it.

I saw someone say: Jim Swift and Bill Kristol have decided the free speech hill to die on is an abortion-crazy leftist’s twitter attacks on pro-lifers, second-amendment defenders, and cancer patients — but not this Tucker Carlson Class Traitor.

Here’s the Media Matters tweet containing Tucker’s shocking language, and here’s a USAToday article dutifully carrying water for MMFA.

Some of the Shock Words are pure political argument (about whether the law actually supports convicting a cult leader for “facilitation of child rape” for performing a marriage service between a 16 year old and 27 year old; Tucker opined that twisting the law to cover something it wasn’t designed to cover was really just convicting a guy for being “weird and unpopular”) and another bit which is obviously an ironic joke: claiming that what really turns women on is “arguing with them,” especially if they’re feminists, and telling them that they should “just kind of be quiet and do what you’re told.”

Obviously, a joke, because (let me explain Being Human to NPCs) women do not like being argued with/disputed, even the non-feminist ones, which every man knows, hence Tucker’s advice is plainly intended to be Very Bad Advice and he’s relying on the non-NPCs listening to understand he is speaking nonsense which is intended to be silly.

Carlson issued this non-apology statement:

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