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By Liz Sheld

The media is still squawking about Tuesday’s presidential debate. Yesterday I wrote about how the gossip girls in the prestige media were ruminating about Biden refusing to debate again because the ORANGE MAN BAD was a barbaric oaf, throwing food and feces all over the venerated debate ritual. Well, as is tradition with the Democrats, when things don’t go their way they change the rules. Now the Presidential Debate Commission has announced it will make changes to “ensure a more orderly discussion.”  We can add this to the list of all the other rules the Democrats have changed because the filthy casuals did not behave in their own interest: trying get rid of the electoral college because the dummies in Arkansas don’t want to be governed by the coastal mandarins; or packing the SCOTUS because the court is full of stupid conservatives; or getting rid of voter ID requirements because citizens are not capable of voting in their own self-interest.

Let’s talk about the Proud Boys. I don’t know much about the group but I do know a few very important things: they aren’t burning down the cities, they aren’t beating people up, they aren’t attacking law enforcement with explosives, they aren’t accosting peaceful folks eating their meals outside, they aren’t singling people out based on their race for harassment, they aren’t looting local businesses and they aren’t vandalizing public property. So what’s the problem ? The media is OBSESSED with them. Have they instigated violence? I don’t think so. Can the media name one act of unprovoked aggression on the part of the Proud Boys? They never do in their televised coffee klatches and journalism slam books. The media and the Democrats have singled them out because they have rejected the sacred mythology of progressive race and social doctrine. We’ve seen the same thing for QAnon. The pages of the New Yorker, Vice, The Atlantic, the New York Times are bewitched and infatuated with QAnon, their tabloids are filled with warnings and scare pieces about QAnon. But why? They aren’t hurting people, they aren’t committing crimes. Alas, they are committing thoughtcrimes just like the Proud Boys are. We live in the age of the citizen prosecutor lead by the priestly class of self-anointed elitists. Deviate from the holy scriptures of leftism at your own risk, the specter of ritual defamation is always hovering. Here’s a video of some Proud Boys. They seem HORRIFIC.

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