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by Ace:

The claim is that he wasn’t saying he was running against George, but that he was speaking to George Lopez and decided to stop the flow of his sentence to suddenly babble “George” twice.

Say, if that’s true, why does his wife whisper “Trump” to him? Seems like she thought he was sundowning.

Notice the Media Leftwing uses the words “fraudulent,” “false,” “misleading,” and “lie.”These words are not innocently chosen — they are making the case to their Social Media Overlords to deem the clip “false” and then to apply the usual sanction to messaging that might hurt Biden: Outright censorship.

“Misleading” is the new “causes harm to transsexuals.”And yes, Jake Tapper, Hero-Stud of Milquetoast Northeastern Liberal Republican Sissies, is leading the charge to get Google to censor the story.

Update: The official Unstorying begins:

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