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As Seattle becomes the nation’s biggest, and only, center for the creation of FUCKING WARLORDS, “Major Jenny” says everything’s great, and it’s all like “a block party.”

It’s 68 all over again. But mostly the part of 68 that featured people being kicked to death by Hell’s Angels.

Antifa Propaganda Officer Fredo “Milkybottom” Cuomo is similarly thrilled:

As Mayor Jenny literally praises terrorists for their idealism and industry, Seattle’s police chief notes that “robberies and rapes” (of course, leftist men are present) are occurring in the Free Utopia of CHAZ and the police can’t stop them, as they’re not allowed in to this new, free-raping country.

Mayor Jenny says a lot of things.

Antifa is mostly white. Many of them are men, or “men.” Does she mean antifa?

No, of course she doesn’t.

As many of suggested: Then go live amongst your people, Mayor Jenny.

But don’t bring your security detail — cops are not allowed.

Police Chief Carmen Bass now discloses that although her men fought to protect the 13th precinct from barbarians, she was ordered to abandoned it by… someone higher up the chain of command.

Who? Who knows. Could be anyone. Any one of many different single persons named Mayor Jenny.

But then — don’t trust her. She’s a White Supremacist.

And you’re not going to believe this, but smelly, stinky, borderline-retarded, unmedicated schizophrenic anarchist hippie dregs are finding it hard to live with each other.The breakaway nation of CHAZ… has its own breakaway province that wants to declare independence from CHAZ.

“Fucking splitters!,” commented a representative from the Judea People’s Front.

Below is Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue from last night, which is worth a watch.

He praises CHAZ.

Well, what he praises the CHAZzers for is… amusing.

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