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The title pretty much sums up Max Blumenthal’s ignorance. The former writer from the left wing Media Matters, and the Daily Beast begs Americans to not go see the movie American Sniper.
“I haven’t seen American Sniper, but correct me if I’m wrong: An occupier mows down faceless Iraqis but the real victim is his anguished soul”

Douglas Barcly calls out Mr. Blumenthal over on I feel compelled to add my own comments here, as I feel this was a complete injustice to Chris, and any other soldier who has served overseas in the last 70 years.

This really pisses me off. As a former IDF soldier and supporter of our military men and women, his comments are pretty pathetic. Perhaps Max has forgotten some very basic things in regards to engagement of the enemy, and clearly he knows nothing about being a sniper. So I will have to spell it out for him.

First off, no sniper mows down anything. If you are going to mow anything, which again is a bogus term you would use the standard issue Belgian FN M249. It’s primary purpose is to be used for suppressive fire against an enemy. This replaced the Browning M60 made famous by Rambo in 1984. It is not designed to be accurate, although it can be in the right hands. Additionally on the battlefield you may see the FN M240 which is a larger version, similar to the Browning M60.

Historically snipers in the US military were issued bolt action rifles. The Springfield Armory M21, USMC M40 were much like your basic bolt action hunting rifle millions of us use today. It was heavy use in the Vietnam war, and is still in use today. Of course for those longer shots, with a little more power, the US deploys the Barrett Arms M90, M98, and M98B. These are semi automatic rifles, which fire the massive .50 BMG, and .338 Lapua rounds. If you ever have a chance to shoot one, they are impressive to say the least. Many might scream that it is semi automatic, but if you have ever shot one, rapid fire is pretty much impossible with any amount of accuracy.

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