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by Ace

He released this on the first day of Pride Month.
It debuted on the Daily Wire.
Trans extremists were sufficiently triggered by it to mount a DDOS attack on the Daily Wire’s service to try to knock it offline and stop the premiere.
You have to be a Daily Wire subscriber to watch it.

New documentary shows pediatrician saying prepubescent kids are ready for trans hormone therapy ‘whenever they ask for it’ and claiming you can ‘pause’ hormones ‘like music’ with the same drugs used to chemically castrate pedophilesMatt Walsh’s documentary What Is A Woman aired last night on The Daily Wire
Walsh questions pediatric professor Dr. Michelle Forcier
She talked about how ‘wonderful’ puberty blockers are and how they can halt puberty in its tracks
She also said there’s no objective truth when it comes to gender
Forcier ended the interview when questioned over Lupron – a puberty blocker that is used to chemically castrate pedophiles
The documentary also interviews LGBTQ activists, psychiatrists and trans people

A new documentary shows doctors claiming prepubescent children are ready to change genders ‘whenever they ask for it’ and claiming they can safely ‘pause’ hormone development ‘like music’.
The documentary, What Is A Woman, aired last night on The Daily Wire at 9pm.
It sees filmmaker and author Matt Walsh asking trans activists and doctors to define what a woman is through the lens of today’s political and sociological climate. Many fail to give a straight answer.

Dr. Forcier also told him that his sperm doesn’t make him male and that an objective truth does not exist. ‘
‘Whose truth are we talking about?’ she said.
‘The same truth that says we’re sitting in this room right now you and I,’ Walsh replied.
She shot back: ‘No, you’re not listening.’
Walsh pushed back: ‘If I see a chicken laying eggs and I say that’s a female chicken, did I assign female? Or am I just observing a physical reality that’s happening?’
The doctor, rejecting his argument, said: ‘Does a chicken have gender identity? Does a chicken cry? Does a chicken commit suicide? A chicken has an assigned gender but a chicken doesn’t have gender identity.’
She also said it’s only an assumption that a chicken laying eggs is female.
Among the puberty blockers that are used is Lupron, which can also be used to treat endometriosis and prostate cancer.
It has been used in the past to chemically castrate sex offenders.
Dr. Miriam Grossman spoke of the dangers of prescribing kids with the drugs too early and said she’d spoken to the mother of a teenage trans girl who now has osteoporosis
When questioned about that in the documentary, Dr. Forcier tried to end the interview after admitting that she prescribed it.
‘You know what, I’m not sure that we should continue with this interview because it seems like it’s going in a particular direction.’
She told Walsh he was being ‘exploitive’ with his choice of words and was ‘malignant and harmful.’

Here’s the sane doctor, Miriam Grossman, stating the obvious: Of course hormone blockers are permanent and of course they have powerful and deleterious side-effects.
But you won’t hear that from the gender-benders, who claim that puberty can be turned on and off like a light switch with no consequences whatsoever.
You gotta watch these clips.
Here’s one that I wrote about last week: One of the UPenn swimmers talks about being intimidated by Penn administrators — told she’d be destroyed and would never get a job — if she publicly complained bout Will “Lia” Thompson being allowed to swim as a “woman.”
They also offered the non-mentally-ill girls therapy and counseling while affirming the delusions of the mentally-ill Will Thomas.

They also offered the non-mentally-ill girls therapy and counseling while affirming the delusions of the mentally-ill Will ThomasYou don’t know that that chicken laying eggs is actually female.
Is it true, as know-nothing progressives claim, that the most primitive and traditional peoples are actually the most accepting of transgenderism and progressive notions of gender fluidity?
Well it’s complicated but to put it in layman’s terms: No. Of course not. Don’t be a fucking retard.

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