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Kari Lake and her team have spent the last seven months trying to expose enough of the massive, widespread voter fraud as possible from the 2022 election in Arizona. Officials claim she lost despite a plethora of irregularities found before, during, and after the election. Corporate media claims she’s just an “election denier” while refusing to report on the facts. Thus far, the corrupt judiciary has failed to allow justice to prevail despite mountains of evidence that call the 2022 election into question.

The foes are many of election integrity are numerous. They have deep pockets. They’re supported by the so-called “arbiters of truth” in media and the courts. But Lake continues to fight.

She has at least a little help from the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) which released a research report from their Center for Election Integrity. Here are the highlights:

  • Following reports from other states regarding vote discrepancies, an analysis was conducted of the total number of ballots counted in the 2022 Arizona general election compared to the number of registered voters.
  • A potential 8,241-vote discrepancy was discovered between the total number of registered voters listed as voting and the total number of ballots counted in the 2022 Arizona general election, about 29.4 times the 280-vote difference in the attorney general race.
  • The results indicate that there were either more votes counted than registered voters who voted in the 2022 Arizona general election or that Arizona counties have failed to keep accurate records of who voted in the election. Either way, this study has discovered a concerning issue.

This isn’t the first time AFPI has found irregularities in Arizona. They revealed similar findings following the 2020 election in which President Donald Trump appeared to win Arizona before miraculously “losing” it after Election Day. As Lake noted on Twitter:

Our nation is stuck in a cycle of voter fraud preparation, voter fraud actions, then voter fraud coverups.

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