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Cases in Los Angeles continue to rise, nearly 3 weeks after the mask mandate was reinstated
What’s funny about this is that the CDC director said that masks could stop the “delta variant spike within two weeks”
I do not know how it’s possible to be this wrong, this consistently



Cases in Iceland are still rising, now up 44,275% since the New Yorker described in detail how Iceland “beat the coronavirus”
Isn’t it crazy how often all of these countries “beat” COVID and then somehow their magical government interventions stop working?
Super weird right?!


Cases in Thailand are up, and this is not a misprint, 944,700% since National Geographic said that they had “prevented coronavirus from gaining a foothold.”
So even with 93-95% mask compliance, cases are up 944,700%, and people are still somehow convinced they work. Incredible.


Southern California is conducting a population wide trial on masks right now. LA mandated masks, while Orange & San Diego didn’t…so if they made a significant difference, we’d expect to see LA doing better.
Except LA’s doing the worst of the three.
Cause masks don’t work.

Meanwhile vaccines work!

Soooooo what he’s saying is:
“The vaccine is safe and effective. Everyone should get it immediately. Also, I am going to act like it provides absolutely zero protection and take additional (completely ineffective) measures to protect myself. Get vaccinated. Follow The Science™️. But also it does nothing.”
Meanwhile in Fauci news:

Fauci on 6/3: With 50% of adults vaccinated, “I feel fairly certain you’re not going to see the kind of surges we’ve seen in the past”
San Francisco on 5/2: Reaches 50% of 18+ fully vaccinated
San Francisco on 8/4: Cases nearing all-time highs
I mean…is he ever right? Ever?


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