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I can only repeat myself:

This Administration is not interested in actual foreign policy crises and is doing little about them at all except posturing for domestic political purposes.

The only part of a foreign policy crisis that draws their attention is how it might play in the domestic press.

And hence, we go from the #PowerOfHashtag to straight-up MSNBC/Jon Stewart agitations against Fox.

Leftists have long claimed that there are no external enemies. They don’t like America generally, but they especially hate America when she goes to war.

Leftists think this makes them peaceable. In fact it does not. It frequently makes them de facto collaborators with foreign evils.

But even worse than that, it makes them attack fellow citizens with the vehemence that really should be directed at, say, the inconvenient Islamic State that just slaughtered two American men like pigs.

Because their need to hate and demonize does not go away simply because they’ve declared that there is no such thing as an external enemy.

Rather, their need to hate and demonize is simply diverted towardsinternal enemies, a.k.a., other Americans.

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