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The point of this preliminary investigation is to show beyond a reasonable doubt that safety signals are being removed from the VAERS Foreign data set by order of “European regulators”
I have been painstakingly trying to characterize THE_LEFT_BEHINDers for days now and it’s left me exhausted. This probably has to do with the end-of-the-year energy depletion too. What was about four pages of crap code turned into an elegant four line algorithm. I am quite proud, actually, and I must raise another full glass to Liz for her ongoing insights on how to improve both algorithms, and outputs. I am still a novice at this programming thing, but I am persisting in my learning. It’s been about 2 years since I started and I do feel confident now that I know the very basics.
This COVID data analysis work – and the quest for truth (not just clues) in data in general (as much as we can obtain this due to impeccably questionable data sources), has become akin to a ‘spiritual quest’ in that I am very devoted to it. More than that, I am devoted to getting ‘it’ as ‘right’ as I can. By ‘right’ I mean as close to a ‘true’ representation of the biological reality, or the true event course, as possible. This is an impossible task, of course, for the aforementioned reason and others, but nonetheless, combining attempts to characterize patterns in biological data with precision, whilst simultaneously trying to ‘capture’ the big picture that exists therein, is probably the best way that I have found to achieve ‘results’ as close to reality as possible. And this is indeed, an art form.
To me, science, art and spirituality are inextricably intertwined. I am an artist and a scientist, and I recognize that my desire for a solution as a scientist is evolving into devotion to the journey as an artist. Solutions almost seem to come naturally when one lets go of the desire to have one. And as my buddy Shahar pointed out at our Christmas Eve dinner: “Being a true scientist is like being a Monk’. I couldn’t agree more.
Here’s to all the injured: in the end, beyond my spiritual journey, I am in this for you guys.
The lost safety signals
Here’s what I have so far on my discoveries. Take note, I am comparing the Foreign data sets for the November 11th, 2022 and the December 12, 2022 updates. These two dates book-end the European regulator-ordered deletion of free text from many variable fields that occurred on November 18th, 2022.
Since I didn’t really have a clear idea in my head of how to approach characterizing the left behinders – besides just counting adverse event reports in the SYMPTOM columns – I decided to start very humbly by first creating the dataframe for the left behind people. This was done by merging the December 12, 2022 data with the MHRA reports in VAERS for the November 11, 2022 data. This is very important and I will return to this.
This dataframe contains the people whose free text in the SYMPTOM_TEXT column was deleted due to the free text purge ordered by the European regulators. There are N = 101,841 reports that qualify. I verified that these reports indeed had no data in their SYMPTOM_TEXT fields in the updated December 12, 2022 file. Of these reports, from the November 11, 2022 data (since they still had their SYMPTOM_TEXT fields occupied), I queried the keyword ‘myocarditis’ (yes, with a lower-case ‘m’) written in the free text fields. There are N = 17,644 reports that qualify. I then cross-checked this new dataframe for MedDRA code entries for myocarditis by querying the keyword ‘Myocarditis’ in all of the SYMPTOM columns. There can be up to 20 for each individual report. There are N = 15,218 (86.3%) reports that qualify.
So 15,218 people ended up having their myocarditis signal lost to the purge. This might seem a low percentage of the gutted report total (14.9%), but I want to remind everyone that I only queried the precise keyword ‘myocarditis’ when in fact, when querying for the ‘myocarditis cases’, I use the CDC’s accepted keyword search that includes the following MedDRA codes: “Myocarditis”, “Pericarditis” and I do one better by including “Endocarditis” in the MedDRA code search. They might have a reason for excluding endocarditis but I think it’s important not to exclude it.12 The bottom line is, if (when) I queried (query) using the CDC list of MedDRA codes to pull out myocarditis cases, the number of reports would be much larger. I always need to start simple and basic, however.

That’s a long list, isn’t it? The Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) data set uses ICD-10 codes.3 But I don’t touch that here.
The group of 15,218 reports returned includes VAERS_ID #1682321. Have a look (as best you can – I am sorry for the size of the font – it was the only way to get it all in one screenshot), and then I want to move onto another shocking discovery.

Take note of the red marked text in this long paragraph comprising the free text in this person’s SYMPTOM_TEXT column that was deleted, and pay close attention to the language used. It almost feels… cynical. This is a report filed for a 36-year-old woman who suffered heart palpitations following the second Pfizer shot. The reporter suspected myocarditis or pericarditis as the etiology associated with her chest/heart issues. The reporter also wrote this:

Hoping her heart will misbehave on cue. – GP and A&E Dr both denied this could be a side effect of the jab, despite the MHRA listing it as an official side effect – # Heavily implied that she worried for causing these spikes – what a skill to have! – Nurses at A&E gave the impression was not the first case they had seen.

The reporter is clearly challenging the docs’ assessments that this woman’s adverse events were not caused by the COVID injections.

This is the kind of thing that is repeated 15,218 times in the SYMPTOM_TEXT fields of the people whose myocarditis signals were lost to the purge. That’s why it’s so shocking that this incredibly important data was deleted. For as far as I know, no good reason.
There’s something even more shocking that I found. It’s the same story, but instead of lost myocarditis signals, it involves lost death signals.
Of the 1,023 people who had ‘death’ written into their SYMPTOM_TEXT fields, who subsequently had this data deleted, 648 (63.3%) were not properly documented as deaths as per MedDRA codes. Now this raises an important point. When I count deaths, I always make sure to count by MedDRA codes and not by the ‘DIED’ column. The reason for this is because the ‘DIED’ column is often underpopulated with regard to the actual death reports by MedDRA code. For example, in this investigation, as opposed to 648 (63.3%) people losing their death signal by MedDRA code to the purge, 294 (24.8%) lose their signal as per DIED field entries equal to ‘NA’ (no death). Therefore, if I was counting the DIED column only, instead of counting the number of deaths and spontaneous abortions and autopsies and suicides, for example, I would lose 60.8% of the lost entries.
Here are a few examples of free text removed for lost death safety signals. These people were 79, 41 and 27 years old and each had only one dose of COVID-19 injectable product where death occurred subsequently. The second example involves spontaneous abortion. The first one really makes me sad. Well, so does the second. And the third. They all seem: unnecessary.

She died from cardiac arrest without any history of cardiac problems. They also threw in that that there was ‘no clear link to vaccine’. Not sure how they made that assessment without doing a cardiac MRI and some staining of cardiac tissues to look for spike protein and a lack of other SARS-CoV-2 proteins like nucleocapsid proteins. Her heart exploded within 24 hours (20.5 hours later she was dead) of getting this injection, with no pre-existing heart issues, and they don’t suspect the injection. Huh. Sounds like ‘science’.

Her foetus died in utero within 17 days of a single injection of COVID-19 injectable product. 1 dose, foetal death. No follow-up.

He died at 27 years old after taking 1 shot of COVID-19 injectable product and no, it wasn’t COVID that killed him. 2 days the shot, he started vomiting blood and then he died because of loss of consciousness; likely due to combination of syncope and blood loss. No autopsy. No follow-up.

And Neuropathy

Same story for neuropathy. Of the 391 people who had ‘neuropathy’ written into SYMPTOM_TEXT fields, who subsequently had this data deleted, 159 (40.7%) were not properly documented as Neuropathies as per MedDRA code.

This woman was 30 years old a the time that report was made and although she had ongoing peripheral neuropathy, it was exacerbated by the injection as indicated by the description in red. I chose this one as an example to show the broad range of effects that occurred within 45 minutes of her injection.

And Pulmonary embolism

Same story for pulmonary embolism. Of the 733 people who had ‘pulmonary embolism’ written into SYMPTOM_TEXT fields, who subsequently had this data deleted, 236 (32.2%) were not properly documented as Pulmonary embolism as per MedDRA code.

This woman died after one dose of COVID-19 injectable product. She was fully active and mobile. Differential diagnosis was pulmonary embolism. The reporter/medical examiner suspects causative effect of injection.
This goes on and on.

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