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By Ace

Remember, fellas, when Conservative, Inc. comes a-begging, promising to defend you against the attacks of their leftist partners-in-crime — make sure you sign so many checks that your fingers cramp.

They’ve earned your money!

@joshdcaplanREUTERS: Biden administration suspends federal oil and gas permitting

Also: The “moderate, centrist” Biden cancelled all construction on the Keystone XL pipeline:

@JackPosobiecMany in Biden admin see nothing wrong with cancelling Keystone XL and ending fracking altogether. Ron Klain is one of few arguing for phased replacement with renewable energy jobs.

Canada’s far leftwing PM Trudeau is even bothered by how irresponsibly left-wing the Biden crew is:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday said he was “disappointed” in President Biden’s pledge to revoke a permit for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline — as the company behind it said work on the project was being suspended.In a statement issued following Biden’s inauguration, Trudeau said he “spoke directly” to Biden about the $8 billion project in November, and other Canadian officials “made the case” in favor of it “to high-level officials in the incoming administration.”

Biden promised to end fracking.

Then, when he felt he might lose Pennsylvania, he reversed himself and claimed he would not ban fracking.

The media actually labeled anyone who pointed out his previous vow to ban fracking a “lie.”

Well, now he illegally occupies the White House, and the man promised to us by NeverTrump as a “moderate, centrist” Democrat reaffirms he will ban all fracking:

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