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Round one of the impeachment inquiry’s public hearings didn’t go so well for Democrats. Despite wall-to-wall coverage proclaiming every witness delivered “blockbuster” testimony that would totally destroy President Trump, the resulting reactions from the general public can be described as passive interest at best, yawns and disappointment at worst. This is why by the end of House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff’s spectacle, Democrats actually lost support for impeachment.

Now that we’re onto round two with House Judicial Committee Chair Jerry Nadler leading the charge, mainstream media is tripling down on its narrative supporting impeachment of the President. This time, they’re starting off by utilizing a self-fulfilling prophetic propaganda  strategy. As we can see in the top headlines above, round two is described as a “momentous turn” following the “damning new impeachment report,” which is why “public opinion has evolved.” These are all good marketing words that try to give the target audience the feeling that this round of impeachment hearings is “New and Improved!” For good measure, NBC took on the role of bashing the White House’s response to it all by noting how the evil Trump campaign “is using the House impeachment hearings to fine-tune his 2020 election strategy.” How awful!

In reality, there isn’t anything new. The “damning” impeachment report was a recap of what we already new with one major different. It showed that House Democrats pulled phone records for Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas, and John Solomon. This is a huge nothingburger, of course, as it shows people who should be talking to each other for various reasons… talking to each other for various reasons. But it’s a smoking gun or something, according to mainstream media. What they won’t report is that this demonstrates Schiff crossed a line, as Elizabeth Vaughn noted at RedState:

Adam Schiff Has Crossed a Line: He’s Obtained Phone Records of Devin Nunes, Nunes’ Aide, Rudy Giuliani and John Solomon

The most stunning aspect of the report, to me anyway, was the inclusion of telephone records of House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, Nunes’ aide David Harvey, President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and investigative reporter John Solomon. Schiff refused to say how he was able to obtain these records.

The mainstream media is abuzz with stories about Nunes communication with “Rudy Giuliani during key aspects of his Ukraine pressure campaign.” Nunes was in touch with John Solomon around the times he published major articles. And on and on. The telephone records don’t include the actual conversations. They identify who was calling whom and how long they spoke.

Schiff has crossed the line of decency with this move. Once again, he has abused his power. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted that obtaining these records is a remarkable abuse of President Trump’s constitutional rights. I would argue that it’s an abuse of the constitutional rights of all of the above. These are KGB tactics.

Despite the clearly egregious offenses committed by Schiff, which aren’t his first, mainstream media won’t talk about that component. They’re laser-focused on trying to convince the American people that there really is something to impeachment that needs to be believed. They want us to believe it’s real. They need us to believe it’s real. They might as well put out a headline that reads, “Impeachment is going to happen if you’re only willing to believe us, damn it!”

They are desperately trying to shift public sentiment on the entire debacle, knowing they failed miserably during the first round. Like poor children trying desperately to win their parents’ approval, the likes of CNN, Washington Post, Reuters, NBC News, NY Times, and MSNBC are working feverishly to craft the right headlines and spin their stories in such a way that more people will listen to them. Unfortunately, it can work. Despite voluminous examples of fake news being spread by mainstream media, people are still overexposed to their lies. It’s hard for truthful independent outlets like NOQ Report to break through the cacophony, which is why we regularly appeal to our readers to contribute and help us get the word out to more Americans.

This isn’t just about selling us impeachment. It’s preparation for the next stage of their propaganda strategy, whether the House votes to impeach or not. This is about the 2020 election for those in the media who are fairly certain impeachment will not result in the removal of President Trump. They’re setting the foundation for their future charges that President Trump slipped out of being impeached but the American people can correct that mistake at the ballot box.

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