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The blather spewing from the mouth of the so-called “Mad Dog”, retired Marine Corps general James Mattis, should reveal to the American public just how putrid our most esteemed institutions have become under the leadership of worthless men (and, worse, far worse, bull dyke women). Secretary of Defense Esper, Secretary of the Army McCarthy and some clown who runs the National Guard have also made fools of themselves, proven themselves disloyal, and betrayed their oaths with their bizarre statements criticizing Trump’s threat to use the U.S. armed forces to restore order in the country. If Trump had a hair on his ass all of them would have been frog-marched out of their offices by close of business.

Let’s look at Mattis first. He is just the sort of person Obama would have chosen for high rank, and that is hardly a compliment. I was a contemporary of Mattis in the USMC and can speak with some authority on how a guy like him would have been viewed by most of my fellow Marine officers.

Mattis was known for his “intellectualism” (I cringed when I read that he brags about a 7,000 book library – I have as many but do not feel compelled to talk about it), for his alleged devout Catholic faith (says he prayed with another general, something I would like to see), for viewing himself as a “warrior monk”, and for the fact that he never married. The fact that the three wars he served in reflected little credit on any but the actual fighting soldier or Marine is irrelevant – plenty of good generals have had such bad luck.

First, while the Marine Corps has something of a tradition of oddball officers who devoted themselves to things intellectual, it is certainly not the default image of a Marine officer. Nothing wrong with being religious, but wearing it on your sleeve would be seen as weird, at best. As for never marrying, well……..There is a saying in Latin America, “Forty and single, queer for sure”. I am not saying old Mad Dog has a bung hole like a horse collar but that is the way to bet. His Wikipedia page says he proposed to a woman once and she turned him down because she did not want to stunt his career. Sure. I know women pretty well and their “gaydar” is pretty damn good. I can imagine the real reason she turned him down.

Mattis and the other bureaucrats named above hastened to put distance between themselves and Trump when the president suggested that at some point he might use the army to keep organized criminal mobs from burning down the country. True to form, Trump didn’t actually do anything. He just blustered about it. That was enough to set off the pearl-clutchers, pantywaists, and cowards in the Department of Defense, to say nothing of the mainstream media and the Democrats.

How dare Trump threaten to use the military to actually protect actual Americans and their property, when there are so many Somalis, Nigerians, Iraqis, Syrians and what not to protect! Why, it is unconstitutional as hell! You can’t use the army against “American citizens”!

So much for Mattis the alleged intellectual and “warrior monk”. I won’t even mention such tailless lizards as Secretary of Defense Esper, a grown-up version of Greg Marmelade of Animal House fame. And a defense industry lobbyist to boot! I try to support and feel sympathetic to Trump but then I see what kind of turncoat human garbage he appoints to high office and I can feel nothing but contempt. Trump has tens of millions of decent, patriotic Americans to choose and he dips his hand in an unflushed toilet and come up with an Esper!

Let me ‘splain a few things to the Philosopher General Mattis and the morons from DOD.

The oath they took upon entering office included protecting the country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Full stop. The president and the president alone has the power to decide what constitutes a domestic enemy and what to do about them, just as he has full control of foreign policy and is commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

When the Constitution was adopted, the framers were thinking about the Tories of the American Revolution when they spoke of domestic enemies, though the Indians were also on their minds (and the slaves were surely on the minds of the Southern delegates).

These men had just gone through a bloody war for independence that was a civil war at the same time. They knew exactly what the term domestic enemy was – any person or group within the country that was attacking the established government and represented a threat to the life, liberty and property of law-abiding citizens. Nine Tory militia leaders hanging from an oak tree after the Battle of Kings Mountain showed how they felt such people should be dealt with.

They also feared a professional military, which is why they took pains to ensure that the population at large would be armed, so some erratic colonel or general could never seize power without facing an uprising of the citizens. Oliver Cromwell’s career was part of their intellectual baggage. They knew we needed an army and navy but they did not want it turned on the citizens except as a last resort; they knew that the day might come when that step might have to be taken, however.

The U.S. military has been used countless times to preserve order in the country. Trump’s threat was entirely unexceptional. From the Whisky Rebellion to the Mormon War to the Boston police strike to the use of the military to integrate schools to the 1968 riots, the U.S. military was used to enforce the law WHEN LOCAL OFFICIALS COULD NOT OR WOULD NOT DO IT. That is the key to this whole issue.

At the time of the Civil War, a U.S. Army general (a Southerner himself) reminded his fellow Southerners in the army ranks that governments raise and maintain armies for defense against enemies both foreign and domestic. He urged them to stand by the oath they had taken upon entering the service, though he sympathized with their feelings of anger at what they saw as a new administration determined to oppress their own states. Most of the Southern officers ignored him, resigned their comjmissions, and went South. We all know how that turned out.

Our country is now under attack by a fairly sophisticated enemy compoosed of Antifa, extreme elements in the Democrat Party, and the criminal class, using as an excuse a tragic incident of police brutality.

From my knowledge of foreign-backed subversion in this country I believe Cuba, Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and the Soros organization (linked to all of the above) are involved in this. They have spent years building up a network of violent radicals, infiltrating our universities, Congress, and local and state governments, and financing treasonous elements in the media and elsewhere.

The real objective of the violence is preventing the re-election of Trump. It has nothing to do with poor George Floyd, as most people now understand.

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