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Ladies and gentlemen, the most dishonest political hack in the United States Congress

Harry Reid going all Harry Reid is legendary. Whether he’s lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes, ObamaCare, or the (evil) Koch brothers, Harry is Harry. (Whether or not he’s in the early stages of dementia is another topic for another time.)

Anyway, in anticipation of Barack Obama’s “grand reveal” on prime-time TV tonight of his hastily-crafted (not to mention politically-motivated) strategery on confronting ISIS, Harry dropped a beaut:

“The president knows how to destroy terrorists.”

He does? Harry, dude, he knows how to lie about destroying terrorists: “Al Qaeda is on the run.” “Al Qaeda has been decimated.” “The war on terror is over.”

So, Harry wasn’t finished opening his mouth to change feet:

“Airstrikes and strategic use of drones and, of course, covert action are the most effective way to take out [Islamic State] without committing troops — American troops — troops in harms way.”

Of course, no war has ever been won by airstrikes alone. But Harry, like I said, is Harry:

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