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by Ace

Wow, even more “insurrectionists.”
The government seems to be making more and more insurrectionists every single day.
Good job, government! Way to work out the math, Experts!
Concerned parents, who pay the salaries of the Loudon School Board, tried to tell the Loudon School Board to stop brainwashing their children.
The Loudon School Board did what every tyrannical leftist-controlled organization did: they called the cops and had the protesters — here, they weren’t even protesters; they had every right to attend the meeting — arrested by their fellow government agents, the police.
BLM and antifa are given “space to destroy;” parents with a critique deemed “right-leaning” aren’t even allowed to make public comments at a… public comment school board meeting.
The best part: They sent the cops to start arresting “insurrectionists” when the “insurrectionists” started singing an old white supremacist anthem.

Namely, the National Anthem.



As you can see, the official story is that public comment had to be ended because the parents were “unruly.”
Oh, they were unruly?
Is unruly behavior now illegal?
It seems not:
BLM “protesters,” who are definitely not insurrectionists, start an uncontrolled fire outside a South Carolina police station.
Weird, I don’t see any arrests being made for the arson and terrorism.

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