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When last we encountered Elizabeth Cheney here in the Morning Briefing she was comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, and, if I’m not mistaken, Pope Saint Gregory the Great. She’s a smidge delusional these days, after all.
When the soon-to-be former congresswoman threw in with the House J6 Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues, she no doubt believed she was carving out a unique niche for herself. A positive unique niche for herself, that is. The Never Trump Republican types probably thought that after the Democrats finished with their kangaroo court they’d be hailed as conquering heroes who saved the GOP.
Instead, Cheney and her ilk ended up being vestigial squishes who are of absolutely no use to Republicans who want to win elections.
As we’ve seen with all of the Never Trump turncoats so far, once they realize that they won’t ever be welcome among Republicans and conservatives again, they scurry to their new Democrat masters hoping that someone — anyone — will love them again.
It’s sad. It’s predictable. And now it’s Liz Cheney’s turn.
Our girl Liz is out shilling for Democrats in the final days before an election that isn’t going to have a lot of blue hints to it. Cheney completed her transition to in-house useful idiot for the Dems by endorsing Democrat Tim Ryan over J.D. Vance in the Ohio Senate race. As Paula wrote, that may have put the final nail in Ryan’s electoral coffin:

How does electing a far-left Democrat further the goal of limited government, lower taxes, and a strong national defense, exactly? Cheney doesn’t say, but she has been running around the country campaigning for Democrats — and against Republicans she finds distasteful — as she watches her career circle the toilet. Her obsessive, pathological focus on the January 6th riot and her Trump Derangement Syndrome have made her wildly unpopular with Republican voters, and her cynical endorsement of Tim Ryan may have just hung a millstone around his neck. I’m sure both Ryan and Cheney think the endorsement will peel off enough moderate voters to drag him over the finish line, but it’s more likely to motivate Trump voters and send them to the polls in droves next Tuesday, just so they can send a message to Cheney.

Donald Trump gave Cheney the nickname “Lying Lizzie” and it’s become quite popular among her detractors. If she keeps “helping” Democrats for next week, her new moniker might have to be “Losing Lizzie.”
The Never Trump Republicans all began their journeys to the evil left by saying that they were the guardians of the principles of the right.
Now they’re all in bed with the most corrupt, radical left, Constitution-hating Democrats in American history. They didn’t wait to jump in with them either. They’re political grifters who know they backed the wrong horse’s ass and are now trying to bilk as much money out of their backstabbing ways as they can.

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