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Jonah Gottschalk @ The Federalist:

Thirty-three statues of Columbus. Nine of the Founding Fathers. Eight of Saint Junipero Serra. With the frequency of the ongoing iconoclasm, it can be hard to gain a scale of the problem.

For each story that has breached the news cycle, at least a dozen went unreported outside of local media. This detailed list records each instance monuments have been defaced, vandalized, and or torn down since nationwide protests began, updated as more occur.

Some key takeaways include:

  • At least 183 monuments, memorials, statues, and major historical markers have been defaced or pulled down since protests began in May.
  • While Confederate monuments have taken the lion’s share of media coverage, they actually form a minority of the statues targeted.
  • By far the most popular target was Christopher Columbus, with 33 statues in total having been defaced and pulled down.
  • The next most popular targets were Robert E. Lee (9), Serra (8), and Thomas Jefferson (4).
  • The vast majority of the vandals were never charged, with 177 out of 183 instances having no arrests.
  • Most monuments torn down were not by protesters, but by city officials after pressure or threats from protesters.
  • By far the most common route for monuments being destroyed was for protesters to damage it, then the city quickly removing it as a “public safety” hazard, not to be returned.
  • For a majority of the statues removed, the fate of the artwork is currently unknown, while a minority have been moved to cemeteries and museums.

The list begins with the most recent instance of iconoclasm and continues backwards in time until the first instance connected with nationwide rioting, in late May.

July 20

Monument to Marcus Daly, Butte, MT

Monument to the 19th-century Irish immigrant and successful businessman. Defaced with vandalism reading OLD WHITE MAN TEAR IT DOWN BLACK LIVES MATTER. Was restored by locals with materials donated by local businesses.

July 19th

Cemetery Monument to Confederate Soldiers, Savannah, GA

A statue dedicated to Confederate soldiers in the Battle of Gettysburg, placed above graves of Confederate soldiers. Defaced in two separate incidents, which included graffiti and damage to the statue.

July 18

Memorial to Fallen Kansas City Police Officers, Kansas City, MO

A memorial to 119 KCPD officers who have been killed in the line of duty. Defaced by crowd of 150 protesters surrounding the local police headquarters, which was also vandalized. Marked with graffiti, including messages with “Abolish the Police” and “No Room 4 Fascists.” The mayor promised to restore it, and several arrests were made.

Monument to Christopher Columbus, Chicago, IL

Large 87-year-old monument created by the city’s Italian-American community, included icons of other Italian explorers and scientists. Defaced by a crowd of hundreds of protesters advocating for abolishing the police. They also attempted to pull it down, but were prevented by police. Eighteen officers were injured during the confrontation, and several people were arrested.

July 17

Statue of Jesus Christ, Miami, FL

Statue of Jesus at a Catholic Church was pulled down, then beheaded by unknown criminals. The diocese is asking for the attack to be investigated as a hate crime. One of a surge of attacks on Catholic churches and icons across the country.

Statue of Robert E. Lee, Antietam, MD

Seventeen-year-old statue of the Confederate general at Antietam National Battlefield. Defaced with BLM graffiti. Will be restored.

July 16

Union Veterans Monument, Saratoga, NY

One hundred and forty-five year-old statue dedicated to Union veterans of the 77th Saratoga Volunteers Regiment. Pulled down then torn to pieces by unknown vandals.

Statue of George Washington, New Orleans, LA

Statue of the nation’s founder defaced with BLM graffiti by unknown vandals.

July 15

Alexander Andreyevich Baranov Statue, Sitka, AK

Thirty-one year-old statue of the Russian merchant, who led the Russian settlements in what is today Alaska. Involved in several wars against the Tlingit tribe, which massacred several Russian settlements. Despite public support for the previously vandalized statue, the city government ordered it removed after pressure from protesters.

Statue of the Blessed Mother, Chatanooga, TN

Statue of the Virgin Mary at a Catholic Church torn down and beheaded by unknown vandals. Part of a series of attacks on religious icons and churches across the country.

Monument to Confederate Soldiers, Amarillo, TX

Eighty-nine year-old statue of local Confederate soldiers. Defaced numerous times by unknown vandals, including graffiti with protester messages. The city government is in the early stages of a plan to remove the statue following a petition from activists.

July 14

Confederate Statue, Oxford, MS

Monument to Confederate soldiers at Ole Miss. Defaced, then removed by the school administration following protests. Will be moved to a nearby Confederate cemetery.

Numerous Religious Statues, Punta Gorda, FL

Several statues of Jesus, Saint Mary, and three children were torn down and defaced by night at a Catholic church. Security camera footage captured a suspect, who was found and arrested.

Statue of Ronald Reagan, Dixon, IL

Statue of the nation’s 40th President, placed on the banks of Rock River where he served as a lifeguard; he has been credited with saving upwards of 70 lives while on duty. Defaced with protester graffiti by night.

July 13

Statue of Hiawatha, LaCrosse, WI

Sixty-year-old statue of the Native American legendary leader. Requested to be removed by city government because it became a tourist attraction, and as a way to “face the symbols of our past.”

Statue of Thomas Ruffin, Raleigh, NC

Statue of the state Supreme Court justice, who made pro-slavery rulings and was a slave owner. Pulled down by the city because of concerns about protesters tearing it down themselves.

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