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At Hot Air, quoting the Hill:

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who has been seen as a swing vote, appeared wary of a legal fight, characterizing House Democrats as trying to get the Senate to go through a legal battle they bypassed.

“It’s kind of like the House made a decision that they didn’t want to slow things down by having to go through the courts,” she said. “And yet now they’re basically saying you guys need to go through the courts. We didn’t but we need you to. That’s kind of where we are.”

That doesn’t mean she’s against calling witnesses. She’s flighty and liberal.

But the Democrats can’t be happy to hear the one indispensable “Republican” making the Lindsey Graham case against calling witnesses.

More: Susan Collins was so “stunned” by Jerry Nadler’s claim that anyone who voted against the rules the Democrats wanted was engaged in a “cover up” that she wrote to John Roberts, demanding that he caution the House managers.

This, I suppose, was what prompted John Roberts’ “Both sides” missive a few days ago.

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