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Steve @ Riehl World News:

Libyan Ambassador Ali Aujali declared Thursday night that exercise of Constitutionally protected free speech in the United States in and by a civil society makes one a terrorist if, in some un-civilized society, violient animal jihadists use said exercise of free speech as pretense for murder, mayhem, rape and violent destruction. (H/T: Pat Dollard.)

Libyan Ambassador to America, Ali Aujali: “But I believe now that Terry Jones and his colleague, the one who is responsible for this movie, to me, they are terrorists like anybody others. Because they are responsible for what happening in Bengazi. They are create hatreds among the people.”

Let’s get something straight here. Neither the idiot pastor Terry Jones nor the American… errr… Israeli…. errr… Egyptian errr…. [you pick one!] filmmaker nor anyone else “create hatreds.” Those hatreds already exist. Perhaps Ambassador Aujali has missed the last 1200 years of regional history.

Terrorists, Mr. Ambassador, are people of and from an un-civil society who bomb, blast and attack embassies and who rape and murder ambassadors. If a movie incites such beastly behavior, it is much less a reflection on free speech – even that which we may disagree with – than the animals who can’t help themselves but to burn, rape, behead and maim other human beings. In short, it’s not the movie, sir. It’s the murdering men.

But the ambassador wasn’t done. He went on to elaborate on what he thinks the United States government should do about these “terrorists.”

“What Terry Jones try to get out of this movie? I think that the American government or any government, when something happens like this, when somebody he involved in work or act or whatsoever, lead to the killing, murder of other people, I think they should be investigated.”

Mr. Ambassador, while it remains unclear just how things do (or don’t) work in your country, that’s not the way it works here. We don’t have an all-powerful central government to react against the People on the whims of  a leader, not even an ambassador from some country still awaiting a constitution of its own. Or do we?

Why is our Justice Department leaking the name and address of a man – good or bad, saint or felon – no matter what film he made, wrote, financed or directed? Have we truly reached a whole new line of brazen departure from our own Constitution? Is our own politicized Justice Department, apologetic State Department and pandering White House more closely aligned with Ali Aujali than with the Framers of our Constitution? Aparently “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”

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