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Liberal journalists and Democrats responded to news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement with loud moans of grief and curse words on Wednesday.

“Oh my g-d,” one man says in audio of the moment the news broke inside a Democratic National Committee meeting. A woman can be heard moaning in the background. “Not that he’s done us any good on these recent decisions, but he was the one that was usually persuadable,” he adds. The woman who broke the news continues, “This is not good news, for anyone.”

Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court was a jolt to liberals and conservatives, as it provides President Trump the opportunity to put a fifth conservative on the bench. Kennedy was the usual swing vote and often sided with the liberal justices.

The liberal site Splinter tweeted the f-word in all caps over and over in response to the news.

“F-ck. You. Justice Kennedy,” tweeted ThinkProgress editor Ian Millhiser. “I think Roberts probably won’t overrule Obergefell, but religious conservatives just won the right to discriminate,” he added in a follow-up tweet.

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