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John Hinderaker:

One thing you can say about liberals, they are consistent. They don’t argue; they don’t marshal facts; they don’t state their case, whatever it may be, logically. Instead, they try to bully those who disagree with them.

It happened again this week when the current issue of Thinking Minnesota came out. The cover story is on leftist indoctrination in the Edina public schools. The article, by Kathy Kersten, is a blockbuster. Meticulously researched and cogently written, Kathy’s story documents a history of intolerance, indoctrination, ignorance and intimidation on the part of liberal teachers and others in the Edina public school system. At the same time, it recites statistics that show the politicized Edina schools have dropped into the second or third tier when it comes to academic achievement. Here, once again, is the article:

TM Fall2017 Edina 1 by John Hinderaker on Scribd

Through the generosity of a donor, we were able to deliver a copy of the Fall issue of Thinking Minnesota to every residence in Edina. The reaction was, as you might expect, explosive. Liberals took to Facebook to call us “neo-Nazis”–but wait! Were Nazis opposed to political indoctrination in the schools? Not exactly–“white supremacists,” the epithet du jour on the Left, and so on. On Facebook, liberals told one another that Thinking Minnesota is financed by the Koch brothers, and similar nonsense. And they conspired to steal our magazine from neighbors’ mail boxes, so the neighbors wouldn’t see it. Which, they may not realize, is a federal crime.

All of that is par for the course when dealing with the clueless Left. But Edina’s lefties went further: they used various Facebook pages to organize campaigns of harassment against the individuals and companies that advertise in Thinking Minnesota.

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