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Senator Marco Rubio is under fire for claiming that men can’t get pregnant. Liberal video journalismers The Recount, which brags that “everything is politics,” has labeled Rubio’s claims as “transphobic” and “factually inaccurate.”
Sen. Rubio made his comments during a recent speech where he lamented Americans being subject to such things as being told men can get pregnant.

“As of 10:00 AM standard…are we on daylight or standard time? It doesn’t matter.”
Hell yeah brother.
“As of 10:00 today, as far as I know, everything person that has ever been born of a biological woman. Yet the CDC uses the term ‘pregnant people’. I can assure you that’s never happened.”
The Recount claims, without evidence, that Rubio’s comment is a “transphobic attack.” The confusion seems to be between the pre- vs post-2020 beliefs over who can get pregnant.
Rubio is of the science-backed belief that only women get pregnant. This is based on biology and the way women are born with the equipment to have babies, such as uteruses and fallopian tubes. Men are not.
Liberals, such as The Recount, are of the political belief that women can decide to identify as men, and by doing so means that “men” can get pregnant. Leftists have coined the phrase “birthing people” to be more inclusive of women who identify as men, a phrase that has been adopted by the Biden Administration.

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