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Trey Sanchez:

A liberal columnist for The Orange County Register is noticing a prominent shift in the political left becoming increasingly anti-Semitic, despite the tendency of Jews to identify as Democrats.

In his latest op-ed titled “Jews finding less comfort on the Left,” Joel Kotkin explains:

[I]n recent years, anti-Semitism and, particularly, anti-Zionism have shifted ever more to the Left.

Though he notes that remnants of bigotry remain on the Right, Kotkin believes that the security Jews once felt may finally be eroding to the point where they are finding more support from the conservative end of the spectrum in this country and abroad.

And some of the most powerful examples of the Left turning on Jews is happening not only in European universities, but also around the world through various divestment campaigns against Israel.

“The European Left, long enamored of radicals from the developing world, increasingly adopts the notion that Israel represents the ultimate political atrocity,” Kotkin writes.

And American universities aren’t doing any better:

Anti-Semitism on American college campuses, including those of the University of California, has become ever more evident. At the same time, a majority of the most fervently anti-Israel members of Congress come from the Democratic Left. Like their European counterparts, some Democratic politicians soon may find that appealing to Muslims pays larger dividends than catering to Jews; by 2030 there will be more Muslims than Jews in America, according to Pew.

Though President Obama could claim a majority of the Jewish vote in both of his elections, his recent nuclear deal with Iran is pushing many of those supporters away. It is noted that his “pro-Muslim tilt” and refusal to name “Islamic extremism” as a major problem in the world — only willing to call terrorist events “a random act” — is adding to the frustration.

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