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No serious. Last night CNN broke the news that the Navy Yard shooter used an AR-15 shotgun.

We must ban this weapon that has already been banned by reason of Not Existing.

I don’t know, would this be a good stunt? If Republicans actually passed a bill to ban the weapon that doesn’t exist in order to embarrass the media?

Probably not.

Piers Morgan’s entire show was dedicated to the proposition that an AR-15 (whether of the rifle or shotgun variation) was used in the killings. Indeed, one might say that his entire life has been dedicated to this proposition.

Except it wasn’t:

Yesterday #BuzzfeedAndrewKazcinsky baited the NRA by noting they weren’t commenting when facts were still unknown.

I dunno. Seems like a wise principle. Perhaps more of the Scolding Teacher Media would do well to follow their example.

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