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Susan Shannon @ Short Little Rebel:

Here is Thomas, a normal little boy.

In 2011, a little boy became the victim of gay adoption laws.  Perhaps he was difficult to adopt due to having a substantial speech impediment and only began communicating at age three with sign language.  This is the vulnerable population of children that are considered ‘un-adoptable’, perhaps.  These are the poor children whom the gay community say they are ‘rescuing’ from adoption homes.  These are the children that are being experimented on by our Godless society today.  “Let’s see if two lesbians or two gay men can raise a child as well as a proper male/female married couple.  This grand experiment, in their minds, will be the final justification that gay sex, gay ‘marriage’ and gay parenting are not only ‘ok’, but are every bit as good as a good old fashioned mommy and daddy.  I’m not sure why the story is being resurrected now, but I’m glad it is.  Because this poor boy has produced some videos which his progressives ‘mothers’ seem to think are fine to be uploaded for the world to see on YouTube.  These videos are disturbing in so many ways.  They show a child who is desperately unhappy and unhealthy.  What you will see is the result of one of the most cruel forms of experimentation ever done on little children.

Thomas, aged two, was irresponsibly allowed to be adopted by two lesbian grandmothers who had ‘decided’ late in life that they were gay (after already having children & grandchildren with men).    Because our government has been utterly corrupted by Progressives, it no longer bothered to find a decent home for this two year old boy.  Instead, in the spirit of ‘fair play’ and political correctness, gave this innocent boy over to the care of two rebellious women who are in full disobedience to the God they have the nerve to say they serve.  Here you see that they wear the Jewish garb and dare to celebrate the bar mitzvah- oh!  How that must anger God!  They are like the Jews of old who were all about the customs and nothing about true obedience!

These two miscreants took this perfect looking boy and immersed him into their Progressive world of “boy = girl and girl=boy” and when he says, “I am a girl!” at three years old, one of the very first things he is able to sign, they actually take him seriously.  Instead of help this little fella understand himself better, they indulge him in a childish statement made before he can even properly communicate.  They say he was ‘unhappy’ and locked up ‘as a boy’ but when they allowed him to play ‘princess’, why, he just became giggly and happy!  It never occurs to these dimwits that maybe this little boy feels incredibly rejected and lonely in ‘real life’ (because, you know, he can’t talk like other kids and his parents dumped him when he was a baby!) and so decided to have a fantasy life where things were always funny, sweet, loving and kind- with rainbows, hearts and unicorns.  THIS doesn’t occur to these ladies who have already thrown their own sexuality out the window.

lesbian wackjobs

The two ‘sweet grandmas’ who were given custody of a normal little boy and have taken him down a path of certain unhappiness & probably suicide. They’ve take their accursed lives and shoved it onto the innocent. These two will see certain hell.

Instead, they take a tiny baby and think he knows what he wants on one of the most critical aspects of a human life:  his sexual identity and even the actuality of his body.  Because THEY and their entire community nurse fantasies of sex changes, cross dressing and homosexual sex & …’love’, they were only too quick to force their son into a lifetime of pure hell.  Let’s take a look at these two…um… ‘ladies’…

Come on, we are all thinking the same thing, are we not?  These two miserable bitties couldn’t handle life as failed women- they obviously had a go at it as they both have children from relationships with men.  I have no doubt these two were kicked to the sidewalk for obvious reasons.  And now, they are determined to shove their misery onto as many people as possible in order to call themselves, their misery, their failure and their rebellion against God as, ‘normal’.

Never gonna happen, ‘ladies’.  You are bizarre and now, for sure, you are cruel.

Let us see the results of these looney bins’ doing, shall we?

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